Andrea is a woman of many talents and titles; mom of three, interior decorator, home stylist, TV personality, author, presenter, designer and project manager. Oh, and she is also a civil economist, an inspirational speaker and a true handy-woman.

With many years’ experience within several fields of work, and a valuable insight in media, communications and advertising, Andrea has progressively chosen a direction as a social media influencer within interior design, lifestyle and fashion.

She started her blog “Mellan Damm och Glam” (“In Between Dust and Glam”)  in 2011, and has since worked with some of Scandinavia’s leading brands such as GANT, MQ, Clas Ohlson, Eriks Såser, Lindex, Cubus, Swiss Clinic and Hemtex to name a selected few. Andrea finds her inspiration on her travels and loves to always keep her camera handy for any photo opportunities that may come her way.


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