Josefin Dahlberg takes every given opportunity to inspire others for a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Through her own story and journey to sobriety, she has used many tools for a better life which she is dedicated to share with others. She often travels to new places around the world to find new inspiration for her own and thousands of other girls’ well-being. Josefin is truly a lifestyle and happiness entrepreneur with core values such as animal rights, nature, personal development and growth, yoga and meditation.

With a long background as a fashion journalist and as editor-in-chief, her social channels also contain a big amount of personal style. Fashion, lifestyle, mindfulness, beauty and interior design is a recurring theme in Josefin’s world. Josefin has worked with companies such as Gina Tricot, Systembolaget, The Body Shop, Ramlösa and IKEA.


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