From left: Olof Lindblom, Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, Christoffer Bergmann, Erik Askered, Peter Strömberg.

CUBE is broadening its market further and creating a brand new division with focus on eSport; ‘CUBE E-SPORTS ’.

The strategic plan includes recruiting former Orlando John E-Division CEO Peter Strömberg and eSport agent Erik Askered, he too most recently coming from Orlando John. CUBE is also tying the knot with the internationally renowned eSport star Emil “HeatoN” Christensen who is joining the team as Senior Advisor.


Peter Strömberg, CEO, CUBE E-SPORTS:

“CUBE’s engine gives us an even better opportunity to keep producing qualitative content and their multi-platform-setup fits us perfectly. Emil has a unique network and is one of the largest names in the eSport industry. To be able to continue working alongside him in this business investment is incredibly exciting and he will have a key role when it comes to our goal becoming the leading agency for eSport in the Nordics.”


CUBE currently represent some of Scandinavia’s top social media creators in fashion, music and lifestyle, and is now adding eSport as a compliment to the agency’s existing offer.


Olof Lindblom, CEO, CUBE:

“The eSport community is extremely attractive and we will be taking a clear role as an agency, just like we have previously done within fashion, lifestyle and music. Peter, Erik and Emil are all truly dream recruitments when taking this step, and we have high ambitions having three of Sweden’s greatest experts join our team, also with the numerous strong formats they bring in overnight.”


CUBE E-SPORTS has developed the web TV format “ESPORT-TV” which today is the largest sports magazine show on ViaFree, as well as podcasts ‘E-Sportpodden’ and ‘NiPCast’ that are launching end of May 2018. Apart from growing the mentioned formats, CUBE E-SPORTS will be putting focus into representing local and international eSport stars and create unique content tailored for eSport and gaming.

7:30 | 05/15/2018



“The Journey is the Reward” like Steve Jobs once said.


We are extremely proud to have our second campaign with SJ, “Semester på Spåret”, be shortlisted for “Årets Kampanj” (Campaign of the Year) on Stockholm Media Awards 2018.

Språk För Alla:

Awa Santesson-Sey & Angelica Blick:

Thomas Sekelius:


Team cred:


Stockholm Media Week is on May 17th.

15:15 | 05/01/2018



Petra Tungården focuses on growing her personal brand and teaming up with CUBE. 



Fashion, lifestyle and interior/home styling creator Petra is now taking the next step in her career and choosing to focus on her social channels and develop and strengthen her brand further. She leaves her leading positions within Metro Mode and Metro Mode Home and joins CUBE’s Talent Management.


Petra will be launching her blog together with CUBE in April, and its main focus areas will unremittingly be fashion, lifestyle and interior design. She is parallelly developing a brand new digital concept that will be revealed later this year.


Petra Tungården:

“After seven years at Metro, I feel it’s time to try my wings and launch something that is truly my own. I could have never expected my blog and Instagram to grow the way they have and turning into my full-time profession. It’s both scary and exciting but definitely the right time to let go off print media and go completely digital. The first step will be to move my blog, and then eventually fulfill my dream project that will be launched and revealed later this year.”


Olof Lindblom, CEO, CUBE:

”We are very proud that Petra chooses us as her agency now that she’s taking this next step in her career. Petra’s background as both a creator and an editor is a very good match with CUBE’s overall offer for 2018. She will be an important addition to our talent roster and we are looking forward to growing together as a team.”

Apart from signing Petra Tungården, CUBE have also signed TV4 host Andrea Brodin and lifestyle influencer Linn Herbertsson from Metro Mode.


For more information, please contact:

Olof Lindblom, CEO, WeAreCube AB, +46761-74 28 26








16:07 | 03/16/2018


Home stylist, TV personality, consultant, civil economist, lifestyle & fashion influencer, mother of three… and the list goes on. Andrea is the latest talent recruit to join CUBE’s Talent Management.

She is a multifaceted woman with many talents and projects going on, read more here: & head to her blog to get to know her better:

Warmest welcome to the CUBE Family, Andrea!

11:00 | 03/12/2018


Still rapidly growing.

Still continuously looking for the country’s most talented creators.

We are excited to share the news of our newest talent sign: the passionate, creative and business driven lifestyle & fashion talent Linn Herbertsson! Go to to learn more about Linn.

Welcome to the CUBE Family!

10:00 | 03/05/2018


CUBE is recruiting Metro’s former Sales Director Daniel Eriksson and starting a partnership with P-Agency.


Fall 2017 really set the bar for CUBE’s accelerating recruitment pace, with several key additions to our team; Business Director Carl Dyrssen (from AOL), Head of Broadcast Linn Muhr (from Discovery Networks) and Richard Lindh (from The Park). Joining us now is Daniel Eriksson, former Sales Director at Metro and CEO at P-Agency, in the new role as Client Director.


P-Agency has been primarily responsible for Metro Mode’s Creative Sales since 2015 and terminated their partnership in January 31st 2018. Daniel acceded to his new role on February 5th, and will eventually be joined by Helena Marcks von Würtemberg (Metro Mode) who starts her role as Cilent Manager on March 1st.


Olof Lindblom, CEO, CUBE:

”We have truly built a dream team. Our goal is for CUBE and P-Agency to be Sweden’s top agencies in influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement. The purpose with the partnership is to share compentence within the two companies and thereby strengthen CUBE’s offer and portfolio further. Daniel has long experience within this area, and a wide network and will be able to contribute with huge compentence to our team.”


Daniel Eriksson, CEO, P-Agency:

“Partnering with CUBE was definitely the right move for us at P-Agency as we have chosen to focus on celebrities such as artists, actors, chefs and athletes. I believe we have a lot to learn from each other, and I really look forward to working with the professional and exciting team at CUBE.”


For more information, please contact:

Olof Lindblom, CEO, CUBE: +46761742826

Daniel Eriksson, CEO, P-Agency: +46703929313

10:00 | 02/05/2018

NEW SIGN: Kristin Sundberg

We are excited to announce our latest Talent Recruit to the CUBE Family: Kristin Sundberg.

Lifestyle and fashion influencer/designer Kristin has spent the past 7 years between Sweden, Canada and The U.S. and is currently living in Davos, Switzerland with her fiancée Anton, where she is planning her big wedding day (Summer 2018).

Kristin started her blog “By Kiki” in 2012, and has since progressively grown her social channels and become well-known and loved among her followers. Her most recent project is launching her own swimwear collection “JK Swim”, together with NA-KD and fellow influencer Josefine Ekström – available online in February 2018.

To learn more about Kristin and her social channels, head over to:



18:00 | 01/04/2018


We are very proud to be sharing the news about our latest sign to the CUBE Family: Matilda Djerf.

Matilda’s influencer career begun back in 2016, and thanks to her genuin, world wanderlust/bohemian and unique aesthetic, she has since grown her following tremendously – and when describing her Instagram account in her own words, Matilda says “it’s a warm, personal and creative bubble”.

Matilda will be our newest addition to the Talent Management, and CUBE will offer a multi-platform support and help with developing PR, content and business strategies tailored for Matilda’s personal brand, growth and audience.

More info:




12:41 | 12/19/2017

NEWS: Me, Myself & I

We are proud to announce our third podcast project: Me, Myself & Mom!

Daughter and mother Awa and Ingela are two women from two generations living two separate lives under one roof. In Me, Myself  & Mom, Awa and Ingela invite the listeners to honest, open and heartwarming talks and discussions filled with wisdom, madness and laughter.

Listen to all episodes here:

Me, Myself & Mom

15:00 | 12/14/2017



We’d like to welcome our latest talent sign: pop artist, songwriter and model Oscar Enestad!

Oscar is one third of Swedish pop group “FO&O” and has toured all over Europe, The U.S. and South America and been the opening act for One Direction, Justin Bieber and The Vamps. Oscar and “FO&O” recently sold out a concert at one of Sweden’s largest arenas, Globen. The group have won 3 MTV EMA awards, 7 “Rockbjörnen” awards and 1 “Grammis” award and have produced hits such as “Summer Love” and “Gotta Thing About You” which has nearly 12 million plays on Spotify.

Apart from currently working on new music, Oscar also takes on modelling assignments and has walked in shows at Stockholm Fashion Week as well as worked with major brands such as Volkswagen, Telia, Sjöö Sandström and Dermalogica.

Now choosing CUBE as his social media management, Oscar will be signed to our management divison and we will handle his commercial collaborations, develop tailored PR, content and marketing strategies and be his overall go-to agency for personal growth and business development.


Olof Lindblom, CEO:

“Oscar has done an impressive journey as an artist and put his name in the music industry, so we are very excited to help develop his social media channels and see how we can create magic together by pairing his visions with our wide network of clients and brands.”


Photo: Daniel Stigefelt

10:00 | 12/13/2017