PLAN SVERIGE | #förhenne


Being the first large production after CUBE was founded in 2013, we managed to gather all of our then 14 influencers to get together and make an impact to support charity organization “Plan Sverige” and their campaign “International Girl Day”. The campaign highlighted young girls’ rights and the core motive was to raise awareness for the 40 000 under-aged girls that are forced into arranged marriages around the world, every year.

CUBE created a campaign that ran for 3 months, where Sweden’s top influencers collectively encouraged their audiences to join the campaign and buy the “For Her” bracelet. CUBE developed the idea for the campaignfrom scratch; assembled the influencers, wrote the script for the video, recorded, edited, shared and pushed across several social platforms which resulted in over 175.000 organic views.


Client: Plan Sverige
Client lead: Olof Lindblom
Client Manager: Cecilia Nymann
Project lead: Christoffer Bergmann
Production: Alexander Ferrer
Media Agency: Bizkit/Havas