Interpreting New Balance’s international universe by throwing an underground and inner circle-feel, Stockholm-focused party at an undisclosed location? Yes, we can!


New Balance reached out to CUBE to help put their relaunched iconic 574 sneaker on the right crowd, so we started planning for an event that will be remembered simply as ‘next level’. With the guestlist being the key focus to meet the given expectations and give the shoe a widespread reach across social media, we made sure to invite a wide mix of artists, digital creators, photographers and media personas.


90 carefully selected guests got to RSVP with their shoe size, and were at the entrance asked to turn in their dancing shoes to instead hop into a pair of 574’s and mingle away; “We Were Born To Move”-accordingly. Behind the warehouse doors then waited art installations, activities and an intimate performance by hiphop sensation Madi Banja.


The results were more than we could have envisioned, and a total of 136 Instagram Stories and 22 posts were shared during and after the event.



Client: New Balance
Client Manager: Sofia Lundh
Campaign Manager: Lovisa Bratt
Photographer: Christian Fang