Create with a twist!

Background and execution

CUBE recieved the mission to frame 1664 Blanc as a creative, playful, and modern brand, creating a strategy that. included two handpicked profiles with high credibility. The strategy included a design collaboration together with the furniture designer, Gustaf Westman. Besides placing the brand within a modern and relevant context, the limited piece created by Gustaf was auctioned in an Instagram competition, giving the campaign an extra boost on SoMe with the organic reach and engagement that the competitors generated when participating. The campaign material was also used to boost the brand in paid advertisement, further strengthening the association with the influencers.

What we did

– Profile selection
– Content strategy
– Project management

Gustaf Westman with his limited edition table that was created for this campaign.

Thanks to the relevant content and great brand match, the organic campaign exceeded the benchmark with an increase of reach of 70% and
an increase in engagement with 40%.

Some numbers

Two profiles were carefully handpicked and activated for the “Create with a twist-campaign” and here are some results.

386 051

Est unique reach

918 730



View rate


Engagement rate

Sofia Wood created stunning content

The content that was generated from this campaign was used for paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram

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