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Key talent from Discovery Networks; Linn Muhr!

Linn has many years’ experience from the TV industry, and a remarkable reference list with assignments in project management, content, business and product development as well as Executive Producer.

Her most recent project was as Launch Manager for the launch of Discovery Networks’ streaming service “Dplay”, along with being the product owner locally. She has previously produced content and live broadcast for shows such as “Melodifestivalen” & “Allsång på Skansen” for SVT Play.


“I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the CUBE Family. My background is in television, but I have always wanted to scrap what is called a programme department and instead create a full-feathered content department. Video content is so much more than 22 or 44 minutes at 8pm on Swedish Channel 5. Video content is today progressively consumed on different platforms, and CUBE is there with the ambition to help their advertisers create content that engages the viewers regardless if it’s on YouTube, Instagram Stories, Snapchat or a streaming service. CUBE has understood that the whole idea is to build relationships, and the strongest we have is our influencers’ relationship with their followers. We create opportunities for brands to be seen and become a natural part of our influencers’ universe, and they can thereby create their own relationship with their target audiences”, says Linn.

Olof Lindblom, CUBE CEO/Founder:

“We are thrilled to have another senior-level professional with key competence in broadcast and video content join our team. Linn will be responsible for taking our investment in YouTube forward, as well as be an internal and external asset when it comes to content production for everything from broadcast to podcast. Her wide-ranging background, combining a technical competence with a solid understanding for both content and the business aspect, makes her a perfect addition to our team.”