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Today marks the beginning of yet another podcast endeavour from the CUBE Factory: "Schutermans" with style savvy, Stockholm-born siblings and CUBE creators Chloé Schuterman and Marcus Schuterman. 

The podcast will give the listeners a glimpse into their respective day-to-day (love)lives in Stockholm, Paris and Milan, while discussing wide topics such as life, career, family and relationships – all with a humoristic tone throughout. “Schutermans” is a candid, intimate and unpretentious podcast where the two dig deeper into their bond as brother and sister, while also gaining some thought-worthy insights and self-reflection along the way.

Marcus Schuterman:

”The inital idea behind the podcast was to get to know more about my sister. We have a really close relationship, but setting this mutual goal as brother and sister have forced us to address unclarities and vent about things. That is what this podcast is all about – a mutual goal where we are a team.”

Chloé Schuterman:

”I really love the podcast format and when it’s real. We are real, and we will deliver a crazy mix of chaos, warmth and love.”


The ”Schutermans” podcast premieres on Monday December 4th and new episodes are released weekly.


Listen to the first episode here:



  • Chloé Schuterman, inventor and pod host
  • Marcus Schuterman,inventor and pod host
  • Linn Muhr, Executive Producer, CUBE
  • Timmie Strandberg, Editor, Podbyrån
  • Per Kjellander, Graphics, 19Plus


For more info, please contact:

Linn Muhr, Head of Broadcast CUBE, 070-186 51 10