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It’s official! CUBE is joining partnership with United Screens to create the best possible offer towards both of our networks’ talent portfolios. The partnership provides a strong all-in-all solution for all parties; from creators, to networks, and ultimately to our clients.

Olof Lindblom, CEO, CUBE:

– We want to deliver a full-scale service model to our creators, and both CUBE and United Screens have come to the realization we can’t be in the forefront of everything. That’s why we want to surround ourselves with partners that share the same basic values. CUBE and United Screens complement each other very well and both have a history of many successful partnerships.

Malte Andreasson, CEO & Founder, United Screens:

– We believe United Screens and CUBE teaming up is a huge opportunity for the creators. We are looking forward to offer the creators a larger-scale digital presence through each respective networks’ technical platforms. This way, we can also complement the offer towards clients, which we find is a really exciting development for the creators as well as for United Screens and CUBE.

CUBE subsidiary company Rev:Relations will also complement United Screens’ services by offering a technical platform for blog and affiliate, whilst United Screens will be offering CUBE’s creators opportunities to increase their online video revenue by joining United Screens’ premium YouTube network.