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Petra Tungården launched her own lifestyle website Her Hour

Petra Tungården is now launching her own lifestyle website Her Hour - a site that will explore what interests the modern woman in fashion, beauty and lifestyle in an open, honest and humorous way.

Petra Tungården, editor in chief Her Hour:
“Her Hour is my little baby who was born from my own thirst for daily inspiration and a curiosity about what women are looking for when they spend time online. So now she finally comes to life. The content will play different roles depending on who the visitor is – for someone it will be a break in everyday life and a way to disconnect from the work life, for another Her Hour will be a shopping destination where you come to be updated in fashion and trends – and for the third she might be the digital girl friend who always has time.

Richard Lindh, Talent Director CUBE
“Petra is a powerhouse when it comes to creating content and engagement. As her agency, we are incredibly proud to be a part of this next step in her career, where we will act as a partner with strategy and creative sales in focus.”