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100 episodes with influential guests: Now Influencerpodden has come to an end

The final episode of Influencerpodden is out october 8th. We celebrate 100 episodes by putting an end to the format where Anton Granlund has interviewed influential people over the past two years. Here you can find out what he has learned from his experience.

100 episodes and 99 guests later (together making it a 17 million follower stream from  Instagram alone) the podcast with probably one of Sweden’s worst names have decided it now must come to an end. “Influencerpodden” (The Influencer podcast), a name initially thought of as a brilliant, turned out to scare both listeners and guests at first. For, it had a rocky start, but looking back now two years later, the podcast is widely established, always ending high up on top-rating lists and even won a spot on the list of this year’s Swedish Super-communicators. It’s fair to say that despite the name, it has been a widely success. But for Anton Granlund, the creator and host, it is a name and to some extent a phenomenon he has finished rooting in. However, he doesn’t know he´s finished with the podcast format per se.

“I have genuinely loved every meeting, every conversation and every story. It has been a sheer luxury to interview people like Alexander Bard, Sarah Sjöström, Henrik Fexeus, Therese Lindgren and Alexander Pärleros for two hours. This is something I would love to continue doing, but with a different angle and a different name. And for this I need to step back, take a break to reflect, and possibly rise again even better, stronger and clearer. For now, the only thing I’m certain of is that if I come back, I want to go more in depth and talk even more about things that mean something and actually make a difference”, Anton says. 

A relevant question is what does Anton carry with him from this experience and from the 100’s of interview hours with so many exciting and interesting people?

“To start with, I am strongly convinced  that everyone, and I really mean everyone, have a story to tell if just being asked the right questions. And most of us have the opportunity to create opinion and influence, of course to varying extent. Just look at one of the most obvious examples right now, Greta Thunberg (who, of course, has obviously been a dream guest and someone we tried to bring as a guest already when she had just under 15000 followers), Anton continues. 

These are some concluding tips, from all interviews, that could be of help if you want to have a good chance of reaching out with your message and influence others:

1: Your content must create a value for the recipient. Hit the  emotional strings by inspiring, entertaining, educating or perhaps even upsetting. As a content creator, you need to think about what feelings you should leave the person reading, watching or listening to you. 

2: You need to be passionate and genuinely committed to what you are talking about. Authenticity is extremely important and therefore it is crucial that the topic you are talking about is close to your heart. Not least for you to be able to talk about it yourself, but because it will also require frequency and perseverance to succeed. The latter of the two has proven to be the only common denominator for all success.

 3: Don’t be afraid to go narrow and pick a niche. The amount of generic accounts is countless and in order to get through and get your voice heard, it is probably best to choose a narrower topic, become an expert and create relevant content for people in a specific community. Then the chance of someone hearing you is greater. Just as Alexander Bard told us in the podcast, “I believe that the future lies within the Community and that the social platforms will grow in a way that makes us all affected by them, whether we want to or not”.

If you haven’t yet listened to any episodes of the “Influencerpodden”, check it out now and Anton recommends you to listen to any of these great episodes that represent the format amazingly well: Elise Lindqvist, Titti Schultz, Josefin Dahlberg, Elaine Eksvärd, Alexander Bard, Mikael Lindnord and More Hitti.

“Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the fantastic guests and thousands of listeners, Timmie who cut and Cube who stood  by me and believed in the idea since day one. It has been an honor and a blast”, Anton concludes.