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A full service agency built around people- based marketing

By combining creativity with our innovative technical platform and proven expertise we have the tools to fully manage and optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

Selected work

We help some of the biggest brands in the world

We serve as the link between some of the most influential people on social media and the world’s biggest brands. We develop creative concepts and strategies for people-based marketing, connecting brands with their target audience.

An innovative platform with all the data you need in one place

Our approach to people-based marketing provides our clients with effective access to both creativity and data. Our partnership with Collabs allows us to scout profiles based on interests, tonality and demographics, as well as analyze the effectiveness of such data, serving as benchmarks for campaigns, content, and profiles to optimise results.

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CUBE TikTok Studio

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform and staying ahead can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created a TikTok Studio to help brands navigate the evolving landscape. Our team of experts is passionate about creating meaningful content that resonates with TikTok users. 

Creativity is our most valuable tool

We believe creativity will differentiate your brand and is our most valuable tool as a full service agency creating concepts and solutions for our clients.