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“Taste the French way of life” was the message 1664 wanted to communicate when promoting this beer with a unique, flowery taste to the high-end segment.

CUBE created and implemented a conceptual motion format around “the French way of life” as depicted at Sturehof Castle. National lifestyle icons Petra Tungården, Michaela Forni and Sara Biderman were hand-picked due to their love of the good things in life, and their large, taste-acquiring audiences in a dinner table setting. Through various coordinated activities, in which they interpreted their idea of french living. During the production, they posted sneak peaks from the shoot on their Instagram accounts to create buzz and awareness. When the material was cut and edited, it was published on the creators’ Instagram accounts, Instagram stories and blogs, and also used by 1664 in their own channels.

This concept, depicting a french way of living where we could expect that kind of content, generated high reach in terms of unique users and outperformed most other recent video campaigns in terms of engagement in the same channels . The experience in itself triggered our influencers, who were enjoying themselves, to post more than expected, resulting valuable earned media reaching more than 300,000 followers. 

People in the


Client Manager: Gabriella Del Pozo

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

Production: Friends With Benefit

Media Agency: IUM