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8848 – What We Dream Of

How high is the Mount Everest? That’s right. Founded in 1990, 8848 Altitude have a strong legacy of making the extreme experience accessible since they developed the gear for the first successful Swedish expedition to Mount Everest’s peak.
Cracked from the love for the mountains but watered down over the years, 8848 Altitude needed to reach back to their’ roots and reconnect with their’ audience. The aim was to inspire both the dedicated adventurer and the ordinary active nature lover to go and explore and create a natural environment to expose gear for hiking and skiing in a way that reflects it’s true essence – trendy, smart and fun to use.

On our ever ongoing mission to close the gap between advertising and culture, this is just the brand history we love. Rather than just selling the gear in an endorsed campaign, we wanted to sell the experience of the “extreme yet accessible” adventure. 8848 Altitude had already developed a keen eye for fashion creator Lisa Olsson, partly for her big and relevant audience and her creator skills but more importantly because rumours said she was a keen skier with a love for outdoor which she shares with her boyfriend and video photographer Tim Lorentzen. To add to the sense of “extreme” and to move the brand into a relevant and desirable place in modern culture we also proposed affiliation to the nordic surf culture, currently on a steep rise in terms of global, mainstream attention.

“What We Dream Of” is the story by 8848 Altitude about Swedish fashion icon and social media creator who went to hike, ski and surf on her own in a remote corner of the earth where snow covered mountains meet the icy ocean. The story was captured in a breathtaking video, produced by Tim Lorentzen on assignment from CUBE and became the bulk of the social media campaign. Accompanied by a variety of images through which Lisa told her story, more than 400,000 followers were taken on a journey they will never forget.

People in the


Client Manager: Gabriella Del Pozo

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

Production: Tim Lorentzén



"What We Dream Of"

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