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The airline needed a concept that would render high quality content as well as target a swedish audience aged 25-45 who can be inspired to travel with Air France. Striking a positive conversation on social media that inspires to travel by airline isn’t the easiest thing to do considering the ongoing climate debate. 

The Human Centric Approach
French culture stands for elegance and high quality. It’s synonymous with fashion, great food and an over all desirable lifestyle. In order to sell tickets we need to sell the destination. In order to sell the destination we need to sell French culture. 

Build reach and engagement on social media around the French way of living by…  

  • …attracting famous and credible ambassadors
  • …creating compelling and educational content moments. 
  • …targeting the right audience

a declaration of love for French fashion, food and lifestyle. 

We handpicked three experts – one each for the categories fashion, food and lifestyle – with a clear connection and genuine love for France.

Sofi Fahrman – Fashionista with a house in France where she love to spend her holidays.
Amanda Schulman  – Entrepreneur and lifestyle profile
Danyel Couyet – French Chef and tv personality

Together they have an accumulated follower base of more than 280 000 of people. The perfect audience! 

Concept Development 

CUBE orchestrated, produced and executed an instagram campaign which was launched with high quality videos in which each of the ambassadors declared their authentic love for France. The videos were distributed on social media and also rendered content to be proudly published on 

Storytelling on Instagram
In order to take it a lever deeper and build a conversational layer that would last through the campaign period, our talents were then assigned to create and publish content around french favorites in STHLM as well as share their best memories from France by telling anecdotes within their area of expertise. 

What better way to convey french culture than through an intimate dinner at the renowned French restaurant Bar Étable. The dress code followed the concept – “My French Way”. Here, fashion, food and culture would be combined into a unique experience to which we created a guest list of the right people that would create a PR effect and maximize reach in the target group. 

Thanks to the variety of content moments, the instagram campaign clocked over 460k unique users (gross) generating around 800k impressions and more than 160k video views at a good engagement rate of 3,5%. 80% of the comments actually talked about France and the knowledge…

The French event (hosted by Sofi and Danyel) exceeded all expectations and quickly became the talk of the town. 14 guests added an accumulated follower base of more than 350k people and around 100 story frames to the campaign!

On top of the high impact and great frequency in the target group that we could track, #MyFrenchWay earned even more attention through several channels including one of Sweden’s Podcasts. Air France received and published 3 HQ videos on their site!

The goal with the campaign “My French Way” was to embrace what Air France stands for – the French culture, elegance, and high quality. To do that we needed to find the right ambassadors. We also had high demands on execution and production value, to match our client’s brand image. We are super satisfied with the results and the cooperation with CUBE. They found the right tone of voice and they had great insights regarding choosing ambassadors.” /Dzenita Mesic, Art Director Bizkit Havas

People in the


Client manager: Eva Linins

Project Manager: Lovisa Hagängen

Influencer manager: Johanna Östling

Bizkit Havas: Agency

Jabangi: Johannes Maxweller




Danyel Couet #myfrenchway

Sofi Fahrman #myfrenchway

Amanda Schulman #myfrenchway