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Angelica Blick X Safira

This August, Angelica’s jewelry collection for Safira was finally launched. And yes, we’re happy on their behalf for a huge success in this. But to be honest, we’re even more happy for ourselves getting to buy and wear the pieces! Tune in to read more about how influencer marketing can crash your e-tail.

(It’s a fact that) people influence people, and Angelica Blick influences 1,2 million people everyday with her personal and cutting-edge take on fashion. Since Safira knows jewelry, Angelica knows her audience, and we know people based marketing, why not let Angelica put her creativity into craft and launch her own collection? 

CUBE are proud to have provided the infrastructure and the concept to launch Angelica’s collection fully dressed. An integrated campaign was planned to build anticipation and ensure the collection was released with maximum level of noise. The always on strategy ensured frequency over time and variation in content, where the momentum could be utilized to follow through with a PR strategy ensuring Safira’s visibility. 

After working with the designs for months, it was finally time to present the collection of edgy but wearable pieces in silver and double plated gold. The only way to do this was – of course – with a sensational event, held at Södra Teatern in Stockholm.  The explosion on social media and effective reach of the campaign, resulted in an e-tail success that crashed the site and forecasts a great sales prognosis looking forward.

We now congratulate Angelica and Safira for their great success and are looking forward to seeing what more the future will hold for these symbiotic icons!

Thanks to: Treat Cocktails and Food for creating content friendly solutions enabling photo opportunities during the event. Their inspiring and creative ideas gave that extra flare to the event which we are truly grateful for!

People in the


Client Manager: Emilina Anderberg

Client Manager: Sofia Lundh

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

PR & Performance: Fanny Askerfors

Pr & Event: Jennifer Moonan



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