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Reach Arkets’ target audience throughout 2020 with inspiring and personalized content that was true to their brand identity and could drive traffic and sales.

Combining and synchronizing performance based PR and paid collaborations. A data driven strategy focusing on frequently delivering relevant Arket content to the target audience through a mix of influencers and a variety of contexts whilst optimizing budget and working towards a positive ROI. The performance & PR strategy provides top influencers with Arket products and incentive through affiliate. The data collected from this strategy is used to handpick the right influencers for paid collaborations that could highlight certain collections during important campaign periods.

Throughout 2020 a wide selection of Arket collections and pieces have been placed in different natural contexts reaching the target audience frequently. The influencers have encouraged sales motivated by a CPA% leading to measured sales and traffic from The strategy has lead to 196 Arket activations posted by 50 creators and a measured order value of 1.2 million SEK. This gives the overall strategy combining paid collaborations, performance & PR an ROI of 2 and a cost per activation of only 3 300 SEK.

People in the


Brand Partnership Manager & Strategist: Fanny Askerfors

Planner & Strategist: Johanna Östling

Campaign Manager: Klara Björk