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Barnängen x Elsa Ekman

As one of the oldest and most respected brands from Sweden, Barnängen wanted to rebrand themselves in 2017 in order to find a younger and broader audience. The challenge was to create awareness within a young target group while keeping their heritage as Sweden’s royal supplier and promoting natural, Scandinavian beauty.

The concept “Live Lagom” was spread through handpicked ambassadors that suited the aim and Barnängen’s image. CUBE worked with natural beauty and renowned model Elsa Ekman who took part in a photo shoot and a film production to provide Barnängen with material that they retained the commercial rights to. Alongside being an official face of the brand, Elsa created her own content that she recurrently posted on her Instagram in order to form a deeper connection with the brand and to reach the target audience.

By allowing Elsa Ekman to endorse the true essence of the beauty brand, letting her personality and breezy looks highlight the products in a creative and personal manner, Barnängen managed to rebrand in line with their’ legacy while exporting Swedish values. 

People in the


Client Manager: Sofia Lundh

Project Manager: Jessica Gustafsson

Production: Roba Impact

Media Agency: RSA Media