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Free Will Only

As of July 1st 2018, Sweden has applied a new sexual offence and consent law based on the presumption that sex is always voluntary. Sex must be an act of free will, otherwise it is illegal. The law clarifies that everyone has the right to decide over their body and their sexuality. Facing the task of raising awareness around the new consent-law, the Swedish Authority for Crime Victim Compensation and Support formed the campaign ‘Av Fri Vilja’ (Free Will Only) and partnered with CUBE to cast strong ambassadors in order to significantly raise awareness among young Scandinavians.

With this being a highly debated and ongoing topic that’s been up for discussion for the past decade, an important cause for us and many more with us, we were thrilled to have E-sports legend Emil “HeatoN” Christensen chosen as one of the ambassadors, alongside actress/TV personality Ellen Bergström and artist/songwriter Oskar Linnros. The campaign included a large PR and press strategy and the message was promoted in outdoor advertising, television and print across the nation.

In this political campaign the choice of E-Sport legend, charity worker and entrepreneur Emil “HeatoN” Christensen proved itself to be a strike of genius, ensuring engagement and awareness at scale within a large, audience of young males. The ‘Av Fri Vilja’ campaign showed astounding results and reached 70% of the target audience. As a result more than half the target population say they are more positive to the law than before.

People in the


CEO, CUBE ESPORT: Peter Strömberg

Production Manager, Matador: Frida Leijonborg