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We are proud to call CUBE a trusted advisor to H&M since 2013. Being who they are – the biggest fashion brand in the world, releasing new collections in a rapid pace and never settling for anything less than perfection when it comes to production quality, H&M require constant sourcing of talent with access to the right audience as well as content creation at scale for use in both paid and owned channels.

To give an example, Lisa Olsson’s influence in the fashion world combined with her unique level of professional content creation has earned her a spot as one of very few social media creators who are working with H&M on a continuous basis and whose content frequently travels from her own Instagram all the way to H&M’s own global channels. Feel free to swipe through the art work, including a film focusing on H&M Denim shot by superstar photographer Rami Hanna, also a talent signed by CUBE.

Our work with H&M over the years has resulted in 14 campaigns and a total of 111 social media posts. The content created for the campaigns is frequently used in H&M’s own channels replacing the old and less efficient ways of domestic content creation.

People in the


Client Manager: Caroline Nyström

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

Project Manager: Lovisa Hagängen



Lisa x H&M Denim

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