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Life with MINI

After six months running, it’s obvious – the Life With MINI campaign is an excellent reflection of the substantial impact people based marketing and PR can have on your brand by reaching deep into culture.

Life With MINI is all about a lifestyle. It’s relaxed and effortlessly elegant. It’s urban, innovative and authentic. It’s for people who are curious and creative; who seek to make the world a better place while getting the most out of life. In order to spread MINI’s vision and keep a constant digital presence, CUBE’s mission is to communicate the true essence of what “Life With MINI” really means, using the right creators. 

CUBE hand picked some of the most influential people within sub cultures compatible to the MINI lifestyle. Creatives, adventurers, artists, and entrepreneurs have shared their particular take on Life With MINI in a variety of relevant occasions and settings. The creative freedom enjoyed by our creators resulted in huge amounts of high quality content being exposed to the exact right audience. Along with the two events held to launch the new all electric MINI in Oslo and Rotterdam, MINI has earned its place in popular culture.

In extension, the Life With MINI campaign is about people, and the culture they live in. CUBE set out to leverage the existing support for this lifestyle on social media by applying an always on strategy, integrating influencer marketing with PR and activities. This allowed the target group to constantly consume the possibilities this lifestyle offers. MINI is not a mere transportation vehicle or a status symbol. MINI is a way of life – and that is what Life With MINI successfully has conveyed. 

During 2020, with more than 45 creators across the Nordics, more than 1,5 million people have obtained a deeper understanding of “Life With MINI”. Hope you will join too!

People in the


Client Manager: Gabriella del Pozo

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

PR & Performance: Johanna Östling



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