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CHALLENGE wanted to establish themselves as the new cool girl in town and make their brand the first choice for a young female audience when shopping. NA-KD approached CUBE to work with the most popular fashion and lifestyle YouTuber in Denmark, Astrid Olsen.

NA-KD and Astrid Olsen joined forces to create 3 new collections designed by Astrid to fit naturally into her visual universe and style. Astrid launched the collections with a spectacular party, a meet & greet with more than 350 attendees and a 360-degree approach on all her social channels with content, attracting a high level of engagement from her audience.

NA-KD was, and still is, on the lips of the target audience. This collaboration resulted in 3 amazing collections and loads of cool, edgy content on Astrid’s channels, which reached more than 5.5 million impressions across her platforms. And of course, the collections sold out within days. This was a truly successful campaign in which both brands embraced each other to tell a bigger story. A credible ambassadorship built over a period of 2 years of collaboration between NA-KD and Astrid and with more to come.

People in the


Client Manager: Kia Ellegaard Souma

Project Manager: Sara Jakobsen



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