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Danish NGO PlanBørnefonden helps and protects children around the world. They wanted to strengthen their brand awareness as well as telling some of the bitter truths about the work they do. But they needed the right ambassador to tell the stories with them.

PlanBørnefonden teamed up with one of the most powerful voices of Danish YouTube, Kristine Sloth. Together, they created a beautiful and thought-provoking documentary for Kristine’s YouTube channel about young women’s rights in third-world countries.

In the documentary, Kristine visits Uganda and Kenya and meets girls her own age and younger. She hears their stories of violence, young marriage and abuse, and sees the reality for herself from the slums of Kampala to the countryside of a Kenyan village. On her journey, Kristine shows the viewer the harsh reality and her real emotions with no filter.

The series of 5 episodes is a rare insight into an otherwise distant and foreign world, with topics that stretch very far from your average YouTube video. Nevertheless, the videos proved a big success with more than 900,000 views and more than 27,000 interactions. Kristine calls this adventure “One of the hardest things I have ever tried!” and she has continued her work with PlanBørnefonden as one of their most trusted ambassadors.

People in the


Crative Director: Rasmus Kolbe

Project Manager: Sara Jakobsen