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Plantagen – #improvelifewithplants

Plantagen reached out to CUBE for a strategy that would place the brand top of mind in the category, raise interest for plants in general as well as drive sales!

The Human Centric Approach
We know conversation is the key to success in social media. We also know it’s true what Simon Sinek says, that People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it! In order to find our ‘why’ to build an impactful campaign, we dug deep into Plantagen’s belief system, finding the following quote in a semi-hidden CSR- section on their’ site:

”Plants not only look good, they also interact positively with our bodies and minds. Being surrounded by plants creates a sense of tranquility and well-being. This is why our mission is to make plants available for the many, making them easily accessible as well as affordable. Our range is evolving with a stronger focus on plants and solutions for plants. The share of plants in our business model is already substantial and we intend to increase it even more over time.” – Plantagen

Build reach and engagement on social media around the positive effects of plants on humans.

#improvelifewithplants. Plantagen in collaboration with social media stars to celebrate and improve life for many, with plants. We handpicked 6 relevant Influencers to share their version on how plants have positive impact on them and their surrounding and let them keep the conversation going throughout 2019. The tactic was to enable mass inspiration and lift the public’s interest in plants by delivering value and share stories about life improvement.

More than 800,000 people were engaged on instagram and blog, generating more than 2M impressions at an incredible engagement rate of 7,5%. Furthermore around 400,000 YouTube views were generated, accumulating to more than 10 years of watching on YouTube alone! #Improvelifewithplants left a digital footprint with more than 60 posts on the hashtag!

People in the


Project Manager: Lovisa Hagängen

Client Manager: Janni Hellerup

Strategy: Carl Dyrssen