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SJ – Semester på spåret

The Swedish State Railway signed with CUBE in order to restore trust in their brand and to elevate the brand in the young audience in a way that brings SJ’s core values across under the tagline “Whoever you are, wherever you’re going”, which revolves around SJ taking a stand for cultural diversity.

Finding a young audience isn’t the problem – 99% are on YouTube. In order to get them to listen, spend time and significantly raise positive sentiment, we devised a strategy that would change the conversation about SJ in social media. In order to accomplish this, we needed to work with those who are best at understanding this audience and creating content for the culture they consume. Together with comedians Klas Eriksson and Alfred Svensson, who became famous on YouTube and recently appeared on national TV, CUBE created an entertainment format called ”Semester på Spåret” (“Vacation on the tracks”). In a total of 6 episodes, Klas and Alfred act as Göran and Anne-Helen – characters developed specifically for SJ – on a train journey, where the most bizarre, funny and heartfelt meetings take place between the skeptical and anything-but-open-minded couple and a variety of social media stars from different backgrounds, such as fashion icon Angelica Blick, HBTQ profile Thomas Sekelius, the urban comedy-duo “Dragan & Shejk”, music artist Awa Santesson-Sey, lifestyle blogger Margaux Dietz and E-sport legend Heaton.

The full-length format is distributed organically on Facebook and YouTube through the participating influencers’ channels. Teasers are used to build anticipation and add reach on Instagram.

This humorous and snackable branded entertainment format is today clocking more than 6 million organic views and over 27 years of time spent with the audience – proof of a deep connection between the Swedish State Railway and an entire generation. Leaving hardly anyone out, the first season rendered all-time highs in brand uplift, audience attention and likeability. Each piece of content is adding to the digital footprint and elevating the audience platform further.

People in the


Client Manager: Emilina Anderberg

Project Management: Lovisa Hagängen

Client Lead: Olof Lindblom

Manuscript: Klas Eriksson & Alfred Svensson

Production: Jabangi & Mag5

Media Agency: Bizkit Havas



Semester på Spåret feat. Thomas Sekelius

Semester på Spåret feat. HeatoN

Semester på Spåret feat. Thomas Sekelius

Semester på Spåret feat. Awa & Angelica Blick

Semester på Spåret feat. Språk för alla