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To reach a broader audience in relevant contexts and position Lindahls Quark products as a natural part of an active and healthy lifestyle with targets for engagement, reach and cost per contact to follow up and optimize performance.

We selected a mix of seven profiles that became brand ambassadors during 2020 within four categories; Professional Athletes, Heavy Trainers, Light Trainers and Health Conscious & Lifestyle profiles. They could all place Lindahls Quark products in a relevant context and promote Lindahls products as part of their daily routine. We worked actively to schedule all activations for a steady flow of posts to maintain a constant presence within the target group through out 2020. To get the highest possible engagement we worked with several formats on Instagram and we ended the year with a competition where all ambassadors gave their followers the opportunity to win a generous gift card. Together with two of the athletes Lindahls also hosted an outdoor runners event at Stadion in Stockholm. All content in this campaign focused on the products and when it’s favorable to use them.

Throughout 2020 Lindahls Quark products were placed in a natural context for active and health conscious profiles. Making the products desirable for both athletes and regular people who want to have a good snack before, during or after any activity. Lindahls Quark products were associated with top athletes such as Stina Nilsson and Emma Igelström. The campaign resulted in 106 activations, a lower CpC (Cost Per Contact) of -14%, a gross reach of 2,7 million exceeding targets by 16% and 85 000+ amount of engagements exceeding targets by 13%.

People in the


Gabriella Del Pozo: Brand Partnership Manager & Business Developer

Lovisa Bratt: Project Manager

Johanna Östling: Planner & Strategist