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Tena Lady

TENA has a problem – they deal with the everyday things no one wants to talk about. TENA makes sanitary towels, adult diapers and panties, and helps many people who suffer from the common issue of incontinence. So, how do you increase brand awareness of something that no one wants to talk about?

Together with TENA, we created a strong ambassadorship between TENA and TV hostess, blogger and power-woman, Line Baun Danielsen. Line is well-known as a woman who dares to speaks her mind, which is exactly what we needed. As an ambassador for TENA, she takes the lead against the embarrassment of incontinence – because why be embarrassed by something you can’t do anything about?

The content includes blog posts and videos that focus on unravelling myths and prejudice and give the viewer hands-on solutions, such as Kegel exercises. The content is distributed on Line’s blog and TENA’s webpage and YouTube channel, and proved to be a true winner with more than half a million impressions. The audience engages and loves to watch and applauds Line and TENA for taking a stand on a topic very few dare to.

People in the


Client Manager: Camilla Allerup

Project Manager: Camilla Allerud

Project Assistant: Sofie Stage