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The Body Shop

The Body Shop has a long record of taking a stand against animal testing and wanted to show their engagement and create awareness around the animal’s cruel conditions in a global campaign. The aim was to influence legislators to prohibit animal testing and to create better living conditions for the animals.

The Body Shop reached out on social media to inform people about the situation and get them involved in the cause. CUBE were assigned to find the right creators to mediate this important message in an inspiring and credible way and to produce a motional format suited for the campaign. It was essential to find a synergy berween the material, message and social media creators in order to maximize awareness in  and collect signatures.

The ambassadors, Rami Hanna and Josefin Dahlberg, who were specifically selected for their social awareness and creative minds, starred in a series of informational videos and produced content on their own social media channels. They added a creative spin to make the content inspiring, beautiful and eye-catching, using their expertise and artistry. Make-up genius Linda Hallberg – a renowned advocate for sustainable development and animal rights, played a role in the campaign, providing both high engagement and creativity.

The outcome was incredible, and altogether The Body Shop collected 8 million signatures, which were handed to the United Nations in the hope of making an impact and changing the regulations that stand today.

People in the


Client Manager: Sofia Lundh

Project Manager: Lovisa Hagängen