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TREsemmé – The Blow Out Chair

When we first met back in 2014, this hair product brand used by professionals and sold at scale on the market for fast moving consumer goods by Unilever, was in need of a new content platform, adapted for the social media generation to cement its position as the affordable, quality premium brand.

In a world where social media stars are the primary source for beauty inspiration we started out transforming Tresemmés own channels into a destination to meet the demand for quality content. This was achieved by creating beauty-tutorials starring some of the most influential influencers for Tresemmés YouTube-channel. In 2016, we took it a step further by creating “The Blowout Chair by Tresemmé” – a branded entertainment format inspired by the well-renowned Vouge interview concept 73 questions. In the setting of a glossy saloon, we casted the biggest and most current social media stars in the nordics to be interviewed while getting a blowout by celebrity hairdresser and Tresemmé’s lead stylist Marre Hitti. The mix of personalities ranging from music artist Molly Sandén, over fashion icons Angelica Blick and Janni Delér to lifestyle sensations Alice Stenlöf and Margaux Dietz offered the audience a never seen before look into the life of the person behind their’ idols. In 2018 we decided to extend the platform further, by invading Way out West for the format, to be the official styling destination for influencers attending the festival.

After 3 seasons the format is clocking more than 10 million views across multiple social media platforms. Serving as a bridge between the beauty brand and modern popular culture and a platform for activities all year round, The Blowout Chair by TREsemmé has grown into an institution which is elevating the brand as preferred among social media professionals.

People in the


Client Manager: Caroline Nyström

Project Manager: Lovisa Hagängen

Project Manager: Lovisa Bratt

Client Lead: Christoffer Bergmann

Production: Friends With Benefits/On Fleek/SodaLime

Media Agency: Mindshare



Blow out Chair by TREsemmé x Sanne Josefson

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Petra Tungården

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Margaux Dietz

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Matilda Djerf

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Alice Stenlöf

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Molly Sandén

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Elsa Ekman

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Janni Olsson Delér

Blowout Chair by TRESemmé x Lisa Olsson