Who shares you’re spit?

Danish Lung Association

Who shares your spit? A campaign to prevent Covid-19 spreading

Background and execution

How do you make young people party less? That  sounds pretty impossible, right? During the second wave of Covid-19, The Danish Lung Association together with lead agency Sincera invited CUBE to be part of solving a major problem: far too many young people (aged 17-22) were partying during the pandemic, thus spreading the Corona virus amongst each other and their families. 

We found that the real problem was not partying itself, but the way individuals were doing so: sucking from the same Beerbongs, touching the same beer pong ball, sharing cups or snacks, etc. Our solution was to show the target audience exactly how much they were sharing at a party. To spread the news, we teamed up with the biggest party animals on social media, reality stars and celebrities, and invited them to a party. What they didn’t know was that it was really an experiment. We covered a beer bong with a sticky, translucent compound to mimic the travel of bacteria between people, and it spread fast! After a few hours of heavy partying, we turned on the UV lights to reveal the nasty discovery. Of course, everything was filmed and influencers shared the videos after the event. 

The campaign was an instant success on social media and was mentioned in 47 other medias, spanning news articles, radio shows and TV. The campaign also included a brand-new Instagram profile, which grew to 2500 followers in the space of one week and engaged hundreds of young Danes to invent new corona-safe party games!

What we did

– Concept Development
– Content planning and Art Direction
– Influencer scouting & strategy
– Video Production
– Project Management

Go home, Covid - you're drunk!

When it came to a campaign centered around Covid-19, time was of the essence as the rate at which is was spreading meant that we had to get our message across fast. Our video hit social media with a splash, accumulating more than a million views in only 48 hours.








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