The power of great storytelling

Background and execution

What is it really like working as a priest? The Danish Church came to CUBE with the mission of shining a light on this special job to a young demographic. Our solution took us to the coast of Western Denmark and the church of Trans, where influencer and YouTuber Laura Keil met the Priest Heidi Røn. In a series of short videos Laura and Heidi explored the hidden parts of priesthood, such as creative writing, caring and understanding, and strengthening your local community.  “It is just the most awesome feeling, when you see images, that surfaced in our imagination when planning and shaping the campaign with CUBE, become reality in the final production and shareable with our key audience,” explains Bettina Nørkjær Franch, of The Danish Church.  Once again, we believe that this campaign shows how people inspire people and the true power of great storytelling.

What we did

– Profile scouting
– Concept development
– Content production

“It was just the perfect match between influencer and priest that made these videos a unique production that we’re both happy and proud of.”

–  Bettina Nørkjær Franch, The Danish Church

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