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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

There is inflation. Not only an inflation of the Swedish market, but within influencer marketing too. We are living in a time where social media feeds are spammed with sponsored posts. And, as a result, brands lose trust rather than building it. In many cases, these types of posts can hardly be counted as content. They are simply just ads, creating an ‘ad fatigue’ that sways users away from a cluttered and watered-down Instagram and towards the quick entertainment of TikTok.

Do I believe in influencer marketing? Yes, one hundred percent! The channel has a paradoxical ability to be as soulless as it is undoubtedly effective and brilliant, if you know how to navigate platforms and profiles. The simple fact of it is, there are too few brands and agencies that take advantage of the potential of influencer marketing, and, as a result, do well in today’s climate.

Here are three important points that determine whether you’ll succeed within the world of influencer marketing:

1. The red thread

Today, influencer marketing generates effects throughout the funnel, and it’s easy to want to go straight to the point and showcase products alongside juicy offers. But influencer marketing, just like all marketing, reaches its full potential when the target group actually feels something. Therefore, we need to go back to basics, where taking advantage of the power of storytelling is crucial.

One way to start is to develop a concept and a communication platform that can permeate all activations. At its core, it’s about developing a strong message able to be conveyed in many nuanced ways with the help of different profiles across several different channels. The key to this approach? Forget about products and focus on how a concept can help you communicate the value you add or the problem you solve. Then, use the help of profiles that can personify this message and build or strengthen your brand identity.

2. Create content, not ads

According to TikTok’s motto,’Don’t make ads, make TikToks’. Regardless of which platform you want to master within influencer marketing, TikTok is right; the content is key!

Influencer marketing has great potential to both build and move a brand’s position within the public sphere. But if it’s with the help of people that we feel personify these brands, it’s also with the help of the content that differentiates them in the user’s feed.

Too many people use influencer marketing to push out a message with the hope that the recipient will listen, but we must give them a reason to listen. This channel can be many things, but primarily not a reach channel where you buy distribution from profiles, but instead a source of personalized content that can build your relationship with people.

We need to start from the basic principle within content marketing. Use profiles with credibility, knowledge and expertise to create content that is interesting and relevant, adding value and helps build relationships. Experiment with the idea of how communication would look if the target audience actually was your audience.

3. Your brand and marketing is an ecosystem
A brand is the sum of how people perceive everything the company communicates. From their product, font, and store design, to service, customers, and marketing. Everything communicates a message. And it’s easy to understand that these parts need to be kept together with a red thread to create a clear identity. Just as all of a company’s parts need to come together, so does their marketing. 

Therefore, it is important to consider how you can integrate influencer marketing into different parts of your wider marketing strategy. Influencer marketing does not necessarily have to be its own channel, but can rather be seen as a tool that can be applied for the production of content for both your social media, website, customer magazine, newsletter, and/or ads. It can also be an important part of your PR strategy, where the right choice of profile and smart activations can give a fantastic effect.

In conclusion, I hope that 2023 will be a year filled with goosebump moments from seeing many smart, creative, and thoughtful collaborations and content that inspires and entertains across our screens, where talented creators receive more opportunities to excel.

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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

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