The LEGO Group

Securing passionate playtime in a world of screens

Background and execution

It is an honor every time a brand trusts CUBE to work with them, but when it’s one of the most loved and playful brands in the world it feels even better. Over past two years CUBE and the LEGO Group has teamed up to share engaging storytelling via passionate influencers to both kids, families and parents. As Preferred Partner to the LEGO Group we work strategically across the Nordics with multiple product categories such as LEGO® Friends™, LEGO DOTS™, LEGO Masters™, LEGO Harry Potter™ as well as branding campaigns and events. CUBE work on securing the right creative talents who express themselves with the LEGO Group in a way that captures the eye and stands out in the competitive feed of YouTube and Instagram. Every activation brings a different challenge, and so far our work has spanned a LEGO Unicorn masterpiece to  teaching the next generations about the sustainablity, faciliating learning through play. We’re excited to see what will be next in the colorful world of LEGO play.


What we did

– Nordic influencer marketing strategy 
– Content planning & performance
– Profile scouting
– Events & PR
– Project management
– Video production

We generate passion, fun, colors, playtime, stories & smiles with LEGO®

We engage both players and shoppers with creative storytelling and original ideas. 

A Nordic strategy

We develop social media and influencer strategies across multiple brands in the colorful world of LEGO®. From launching the new LEGO DOTS™, to reigniting the passion for love brands such as LEGO® Friends™, LEGO Harry Potter™ and LEGO Masters™






Engagement rate


Completion rate

We help some of the biggest brands in the world!

”We serve as the link between some of the most influential people on social media and the world’s biggest brands. We develop creative concepts and strategies for people based marketing to connect brands with their target audience.”