LEGO "Rebuild the World

Playful problem solving when children use LEGO bricks to build a sustainable future.

Background and execution

LEGO wanted to raise awareness about their initiative Rebuild the World and create a campaign to demonstrate how LEGO support children to become creative problem solvers.

Together with LEGO and a pedagog we created a website with challenges that families can try out to unleash their imagination and use LEGO bricks to build a more sustainable future.

By offering children platform, context and opportunity to have their thoughts developed, challenged and heard, we strengthen their sense of belonging and responsibility for our common future and the planet.

What we did

– Profile scouting
– Conceptualisation
– Content for campaign site
– Project management

What does the future of transportations look like or how can we save the sea turtle habitats? At the LEGO website families could take on challenges and start rebuilding the world together.

Joacim Rickling has been a LEGO enthusiast since he was a child and he was proud to be part of the campaign together with his daughter Wilda.

These are some results

For this campaign we activated 13 profiles in Sweden and Norway to bring out the key message for Rebuild the world and show that children are creative problem solvers. The campaign had an estimated unique reach near half a million and delivered 120+ pieces of content.


Gross reach

2,25 M



Organic reach rate



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