Eye catching content for the launch of LOKA’s new flavours.

Background and execution

LOKA is one of Sweden’s largest carbonated water brands owned by Spendrups. When launching two new flavours to their supply, LOKA wanted to communicate this change with an inspiring, positive and summer-themed campaign together with Gröna Lund, a very popular and eye-catching amusement park in the middle of Stockholm city.

For this campaign, we focused on a broad selection of handpicked and carefully curated profiles, and discussed the importance of the content creation in an early stage with each profile. In order to gain engagement the high qualitative content with engagement, a competition was added into the set-up, really highlighting LOKA and Gröna Lund in a positive context for the followers. A generous competition that could really highlight the brands in a positive context for the followers.

What we did

– Profile scouting
– Content strategy
– Project management

 Filip Lamrprecht was one of five profiles that were activated for this campagin.

The scenery at Gröna Lund in Stockholm worked as a perfect backdrop for the profiles when creating eye catching content.

Sofi Anckarman at Gröna Lund in collaboration with LOKA.

Lovisa Worge in collaboration with LOKA

Some numbers

In this campaign for LOKA we activated five content creators and a competition to increase engagement.

603 761


299 474

Est reach


Reach rate


Engagement rate

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