Magasin du Nord digitally launches in Sweden with CUBE as its influencer marketing agency

The Danish department store, Magasin du Nord, has over 150 years of history in fashion, interior design and beauty. is now being launched on the Swedish market as a premium online department store with the impressive offer of a great expertise in Scandinavian fashion and design. The launch takes place via an extensive strategy within People Based Marketing, developed by the leading influencer marketing agency, CUBE.

CUBE’s offer presents a real breadth via a comprehensive influencer marketing setup and strategy, combining long-term ambassadorships and continuous activations with strategically chosen profiles within the three product segments. Together with a paid social strategy and video/photo production, Magasin is provided with a consistent, organic presence towards their target group, as well as varied and locally adapted content for the site and advertising throughout the campaign period. The campaign is fronted by Sanna Jörnvik & Michaela Forni, two of Sweden’s top influencers in fashion, interior design, and beauty. 

‘We see great potential in Magasin and the house brands on the Swedish market and are excited to launch with a new premium look. Our influencer marketing strategy aspires to reach the heart of the potential Magasin customer: a woman with passion for fashion, design and beauty. Thanks to CUBE’s deep knowledge and local experience [within the Swedish market], we are confident in reaching [Magasin’s target customer]. We are well aware of the potential of strategic influencer marketing but believe in reaching the client via multiple channels, which is why Swedish consumers will meet the new through several platforms, both on and offline.’ – Isabella Jensen, Marketing project manager, Magasin du Nord.

‘For us, it was important to set a strategy that provided Magasin with a clear position in the Swedish market and, at the same time, with a long-term perspective in locally adapted material able to be used in several stages and channels. We want to build a community of ‘Magasin profiles’ that personify and convey the essence of Magasin over time.’ – Johanna Östling, Senior Planner & Strategist, CUBE.

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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

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