CUBE was set on a mission to re-launch the Danish venerated department store Magasin du Nord as the digital premium department store and to introduce and position the brand and its three segments fashion, interior and beauty towards the urban Swedish woman between 25-45 in an inspiring way that builds a brand loving community.

Background and execution

During the fall of 2022, CUBE has helped to re-launch through a people-based marketing strategy. The strategy has ensured a high reach digital presence through highly influential people in different layers and generated high quality content for all Magasin channels through an editorial production and through content rights on the material from the handpicked and creative profiles.

What we did

– Strategy
– Profile scouting
– Project management
– Production


Throughout the fall of 2022 has been re-launched on the Swedish market through high credibility, urban profiles within fashion, interior and beauty.

Placing the brand and its segments in relevant and inspiring contexts towards the audience has generated awareness, interest and brand love.






Content pieces


Organic impressions

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