MINI has earned it’s place in popular culture by their constant presence in social media and working with influential people within sub cultures compatible to the MINI lifestyle.

For more than three years CUBE has helped MINI to integrate people-based marketing with PR and activities to ensure a constant digital presence in social media. We have handpicked some of the most influential people within subcultures compatible with the MINI lifestyle. Creatives, adventurers, artists and entrupreneurs have shared moments with MINI in various occations and settings to capture a way of living. This strategic partnership proves the substantial impact people-based marketing and PR can have on your brand by reaching deep into culture.

– Profile strategy
– Event & seeding
– Content production
– Project management
– Nordic based

Some numbers

Our three year partnership with MINI has generated thousands of content assets and reached their target audience across Sweden, Norway and Denmark.






Gross reach

300 000+


We help some of the biggest brands in the world

We serve as the link between some of the most influential people on social media and the world’s biggest brands. We develop creative concepts and strategies for people-based marketing, connecting brands with their target audience