New strategic client: Storytel chooses Cube and Collabs

After following a procurement process, Storytel has chosen Collabs and Cube as strategic and operational partners in the Swedish market for their influencer marketing in 2022.

Collabs and WeAreCube were each acquired by Syncro Group in 2021 and have since the end of January 2022 worked together, with a joint offer.

The unique duo offer customers a complete solution within influencer marketing, that include platform and data-driven campaigns as well as strategic and creative bureau operations.

The two companies have now officially won their first joint procurement, with audiobook company Storytel, creating a partnership for the Swedish Market that extends throughout the entire year of 2022.

“We are incredibly happy to establish a partnership with Storytel. The collaboration is strong proof that we, with the new packaging, cover a void and certain needs that have existed in the market. Together with Storytel, we get to work both data-driven and creatively, with equal parts driving short-term KPIs and long-term goals. For us, this is a dream customer. ” Says Denise Mehta, Head of Agency at Collabs.

The agreement between Storytel, Collabs and Cube extends from today’s date towards the end of year 2022, with a high frequency of collaborations, promotions and campaigns, with both major ambassadors and micro influencers.

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Collabs and Cube. We were looking for a partner who strategically and creatively could contribute equally and were very impressed by the innovative way Collabs and Cube work together. I now look forward to starting the collaboration, whilst side by side with Collabs and Cube, to continue to develop Storytel’s influencer marketing strategy ”. Says Maria Sörnell, Marketing Manager at Storytel

“Through our strategy, we will generate relevant reach where our focus is filling it with strong content that moves people. We are very much looking forward to inspiring more people and helping them discover everything positive that comes with being a listener, together with Storytel in 2022! ” Says Linn Muhr, Head of Planning at Cube.

The working force at Collabs / WeAreCube consists of:
Denise Mehta, Office Manager, Collabs
Adam Milde, Client Manager, Collabs
Emelie Grahn, Brand Partnership Director, WeAreCube
Linn Muhr, Head of Planning, WeAreCube

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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

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