CUBE to be acquired by Gigger Group

The purpose of acquiring CUBE is to strengthen the business within the Influencer Marketing Division, by adding one of the Nordic region’s largest, and market-leading, influencer marketing companies; as well as to complement the previously acquired Collabs AB. Given the ownership of Collabs AB, which has a market-leading influencer marketing platform, Gigger Group now strengthens the total customer offering by also delivering services via Cube, on top of Collabs AB’s SaaS platform. The Influencer Marketing Division has the ambition to become the largest influencer marketing provider in the Nordic region.

”Together with the team at Collabs we will have the best Influencer Marketing offer on the market. We are happy to become a part of Gigger Group who are on an exciting and inspiring journey. We look forward to finding synergies with the other corporations of the group to contribute to the general vision through our knowledge and experience” – Olof Lindblom, Founder & CEO CUBE

About Gigger Group AB
Gigger Group AB is a listed company with an offensive strategy to own, manage and refine Saas companies in the new market economy. The portfolio includes companies with SaaS platforms that have been developed with the market’s most modern technologies, each of which is self-sufficient and synchronizes and maximizes results with other companies in the portfolio. The goal is to identify and acquire SaaS companies that have a superior business strategy and a digital platform that can become a leader within their business area. Each company must contribute to opening up possible synergies between the other companies in the group.

In photo from left
Christoffer Bergmann – COO / Founder WeareCube SE
Rasmus Kolbe – Creative Director WeareCube DK
Pernille C. Lotus – CEO WeareCube DK
Olof Lindblom – CEO / Founder WeareCube SE
Claes Persson – Group CEO Gigger Group

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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

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