Real stories from the slums of Kampala


From the slums of Kampala to the hearts of Denmark

Background and execution

Danish NGO “PlanBørnefonden” protects children around the world and came to CUBE for an ambassador campaign that would tell the bitter truth about their important work. PlanBørnefonden teamed up with one of the most powerful voices of Danish YouTube at the time, Kristine Sloth. Together, we created a beautiful and thought-provoking documentary for her YouTube-channel about young women’s rights in Uganda and Kenya. In the videos Kristine travels from the slums of Kampala to the heart of Kenya and meets girls her own age, hears their stories of violence, early marriage and abuse, and sees the crushing difference between their two realities. “One of the hardest things I have ever tried!”, was Kristine’s comment on the instantly viral collaboration, the documentary providing a rare insight into an otherwise distant and foreign world to Danish youth.

What we did

– Concept Development
– Video Production
– Social Media Strategy

“One of the hardest things I’ve ever tried”

– Kristine Sloth, YouTuber & Entrepreneur

Put into perspective

This YouTube documentary had a real impact on a young generation of consumers, who flooded the videos with comments and love for the mission of PlanBørnefonden.




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