Somersby Spritz

Together with Somersby and 16 fantastic creators we showcased the magic of Somersby Spritz (non alcoholic beverage) in two campaigns that were launched pre- and late summer 2022.

Background and execution

The purpose of this collaboration was to create content in beautiful settings with Somersbys’ products that could truly inspire the target audience. The two campaigns captured the essence of a joyful and relaxed moment with close friends or family, sharing a refreshing drink and chilling out before dinner.  We optimized results by bringing the best performing profiles on to the second campaign and by adding content rights to selected assets we could secured reach with paid social to a wider target audience. 

What we did

– Profile scouting
– Project management
– Campaign optimization 
– Content rights

Thanks to the beautiful settings and engaging content created by the creators, the campaigns successfully resonated with the target audience, inspiring them to try Somersby Spritz and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.

Totally a numbers of 168 content assets were created for these two campagins

Some numbers from this collaboration

The optimized results of the campaign were achieved by carefully selecting the best performing profiles for the second campaign and securing content rights to selected assets. This allowed Somersby to reach a wider target audience with paid social, further increasing brand awareness and engagement.




Content assets

1.7 M



Gross reach

The creators integrated the Somersby Spritz product into the content in a natural and seamless way. The Lemon and the Sparkling Spritz were featured in a variety of summer settings.

Emma Jönsson was one of the amazing creators who shared a moment with Somersby Spritz.

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