Thank you coach!

Background and execution

During the pandemic, children and young people have been prevented from participating in activities, competitions and sports events, with the population becoming more sedentary. Professional teams and associations are struggling with the financial consequences caused by the pandemic. But despite this, people in sports associations keep moving, with the help of dedicated coaches who fight every day to ensure that the children have somewhere to train, develop and dream. 

In this campaign the goal was to highlight those heroes who, regardless of financial obstacles, isolation, bad weather and a busy everyday life, are always there to invest their time, commitment and experience in order to enable an active life for all of us.

In order to achieve this goal, Stadium established a scholarship of 50 000 SEK to which anyone could submit a contribution and nominate a coach who deserved credit and financial support.

We teamed up with some inspiring profiles and athletes that showed us the way by highlighting a coach who has been there for them and encouraging their followers to do the same.

What we did

– Profile scouting
– Project management

Anja Pärson in collaboration with Stadium.

Goal keeper Hedvig Lindahl thanks her coach Mikael Olsson.

Sarah Sjöström in Collaboration with Stadium.

Some numbers

This campaign activated 9 profiles and got an engagement rate over 5%



693 900


280 886

Est unique reach


Engagement rate

Paula Rosas in collaboration with Stadium. 

The Swedish adventurer, motivational speaker and an paralympian-athlete Aron Andersson thanked his coach Pirre for all the support and funny jokes that always made him laugh.

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