CUBE wins the role as the strategic and creative partner for KEVIN.MURPHY Global 

KEVIN.MURPHY is a market leader and pioneer in professional haircare. To strengthen its B2C brand investment, CUBE has been procured to support the brand’s digital presence by adding an organic and paid influencer marketing strategy that includes both Instagram and TikTok. The partnership will begin in the first quarter of 2023 and will initially focus on the American and Australian markets.

“After a thorough procurement process, we have selected CUBE as our upcoming product campaigns partner as they have demonstrated a high level of creative sparring and a solid understanding of our brand and business goals and how they can be further amplified through strategic influencer marketing. And with the addition of the Collab’s platform, this collaboration will enable us to combine our strategy and tactical approach in one and the same place – regardless of the market.” says Rasmus Møller Haarbye, Global Digital Director, KEVIN.MURPHY.

The partnership will begin in the first quarter of 2023 and will initially focus on the American and Australian markets, with the opportunity for KEVIN.MURPHY to release material in their own global and local channels.

“We’re happy for the trust KEVIN.MURPHY has placed with CUBE to make us their preferred campaign partner. It is a client that requires a fine-tuned understanding of the business and industry when it comes to content and profile selection in relation to their established and exclusive positioning in the market. Being able to work creatively, on a large scale and global level, where the combination of CUBE’s agency operations and Collab’s platform form an overall concept, is completely in line with how we have developed our global offering. This is where, from our viewpoint, we see that we are filling a void that the market has long been asking for.” says Denise Mehta, Head of Brand Solutions, CUBE.

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Linn Muhr. Foto: Abraham Engelmark

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