There is no better time to start marketing on TikTok than right now

True story! Some competitors might be ahead of the game, while others are still in the thinking stages. As with any marketing strategy, the key is, in fact, getting started. And now is the time! The sooner you start experimenting with the platform and developing a strategy that works for your brand, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits.

TikTok’s unique algorithm and content format allow for a level of creativity and engagement that is hard to replicate on other platforms. This is the main reason why so many brands struggle: they simply don’t know where to get started. However, CUBEs new TikTok Studio can get you going! With some advice, great insights and our expertise, we can do the hard work for you.

To make marketing on TikTok simple, there are 3 pillars that can be combined to establish a successful presence for brands on the fastest growing social video platform.

Three pillars of TikTok marketing

  • Original TikTok content for your brand
  • Influencer marketing on TikTok
  • TikTok advertising.

TikTok is a video platform with unique trends, features, and user behaviors. In one aspect, the app is extremely social, with users from all around the world connecting through universal trends and even responding to one another’s clips with features such as content ‘stitching’. On the other hand, content is not distributed based on a social graph. Instead, TikTok’s success lies within its recommendation engine. This means that if your content is entertaining, inspiring or relevant enough, it will find its way to a broader audience, even if you yourself don’t have a big following. This is extremely positive for those brands who are new to the plattform.

Be original with original TikTok content
One way to start is by creating your own content strategy to share your brand’s unique personality and voice with the audience on TikTok. Take a look at your competitors and analyze what type of content they are posting, which may help you identify gaps in the market. Experiment with different formats and be original! TikTok offers a variety of content formats, including challenges, lip-syncing, DIY’s and comedy skits, as well as creative solutions, such as filters or trending sounds that can make your content stand out.  

Use influencers to gain traction
Brands and businesses who want to harness the power of TikTok need to create content that is both entertaining and informative, building authentic connections with their audiences in the process. One way to go about it is using the leverage from established TikTok creators who are already part of the TikTok culture. They can help you find a tone of voice that works in this new environment. Remember that TikTok’s audience demands authenticity. This is the time to loosen up and give your brand a real personality.

TikTok advertising
You should always add a layer of paid advertising on TikTok to guarantee a broader and more targeted reach. There are a range of different ad formats to choose from, including standard, in feed placements and spark ads to boost published content, as well as more creative formats such as branded filters and effects, or hashtag challenges. When done right, TikTok ads don’t feel like ads at all. The key to success is to resemble organic content and move away from polished ad creatives.

To sum up
There is no better time to start marketing on TikTok than right now. With its unique algorithm and content format, TikTok offers a level of creativity and engagement that is hard to replicate on other platforms and it gives brands an opportunity to reach their audience in a new powerful way. CUBEs TikTok Studio can provide advice, insights, and even hands-on assistance to get brands started. 

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