LOKA: Eye-catching content for the launch of two new flavors in an inspiring and positive summer campaign for LOKA where five profiles where activated.

Carlsberg – Create with a twist

Carlsberg – Create with a twist: When you think outside the box a piece of design furniture can be a perfect match with a modern and playful beer brand.

Doconomy – DO credit card

Doconomy – DO credit card A credit card to help us take everyday climate action. Background and execution Since 2018 Doconomy has been developing applied impact solutions that help engage and educate consumers about their impact on the planet. With the DO credit card, consumers can connect the purchase price of a product with the […]


Episode 1-4 of CUBE Live is now available – Each episode give you 30 minutes of insights on topics related to people based marketing. (Episodes are in Swedish)

Stadium – Thank You Coach!

Stadium – Thank you Coach! In this campaign we highlighted dedicated coaches who fight every day to ensure that the children have somewhere to train, develop and dream. 

The Danish Church

The Danish Church: What is it really like working as a priest? The Danish Church came to CUBE with a mission of shining a light on this very special job to a young demographic.

CUBE to be acquired by Gigger Group

We can finally announce that CUBE has entered a letter of intent to get acquired by Gigger Group AB. The parties’ goal is to enter a final share purchase agreement with all shareholders in CUBE before end of November 2021.